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Country Profile

United States of America

North America
Overall Rank
out of 178
Overall Score
Out of 100
10 Year Trend
Out of ±45.88%
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Million People
Square km
Name of Indicator
10 Year Change
Overall Score
Health Impacts
  • Child Mortality
Air Quality
  • Household Air Quality
  • Air Pollution - Average Exposure to PM2.5
  • Air Pollution - PM2.5 Exceedance
Water and Sanitation
  • Access to Drinking Water
  • Access to Sanitation
Water Resources
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Agricultural Subsidies
  • Pesticide Regulation
  • Change in Forest Cover
  • Coastal Shelf Fishing Pressure
  • Fish Stocks
Biodiversity and Habitat
  • Terrestrial Protected Areas (National Biome Weights)
  • Terrestrial Protected Areas (Global Biome Weights)
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Critical Habitat Protection
Climate and Energy
  • Trend in Carbon Intensity
  • Change of Trend in Carbon Intensity
  • Access to Electricity*
  • Trend in CO2 Emissions per KWH

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